***Roxy pro is coming***

L'heure du Roxy pro et de ses concerts gratuits a sonné!!!
The Shoes The Shoes, are a duo: Guillaume Brière and Benjamin Lebeau who began their careers in France, but become pop stars in England due to the single People movin. in early 2009, they released their critically acclaimed first maxi Stade de Reims 1978. After working with Gaetan Roussel, the requests kept coming: Julien Doré, Shakira and Philippe Katerine. in march 2011, The Shoes delivered their first album: crack my Bones (GUm). The half electro, half pop mix was recorded in England and climbed into Inrocks top 10 best albums of 2011. The Shoes played on the Grand Journal on Canal+ before opening the doors of the Olympia the 13th of June.
Singtank Since the beginning, pop has loved sibling groups. It's great news for Singtank; Josephine writes the lyrics, whilst her brother Alexander, composes the tunes.
The Dedicated Nothing Depuis La Femme, on n’avait plus visité le rock indie-souillon de la côte Basque. On revient fissa à Biarritz pour The Dedicated Nothing, trio déjà impressionnant de maturité et d’éloquence sur ce Running Away qui pourrait bien faire venir l’industrie du disque en Euskadi – et en courant. On les surveillera au mini festival Roxy Music de Biarritz. Plus d'infos: http://roxylive.com/roxyprobiarritz/2012/home.en.html

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